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ENGR 220

Statics and Mechanics of Materials

This page serves as an archive for my Statics and Mechanics of Materials lectures, and resources. I usually teach ENGR220 in the summer, and will add new files to this repository as I create them. This summer (2014) I will be teaching the course in an online format as well as in person. I will post the class lectures here as references for students in the online version of the course, as well as any other student interested in an introduction to statics and mechanics of materials. Each class listed below contains files generated during a previous quarter. These files are left as reference material, but are not required reading. 


This course uses the 2nd edition of Riley, Sturges, and Morris's "Statics and Mechanics of Materials: An Integrated Approach"

Course Grades are calculated using the following weights:


Lab Assignments:         2%

Design Report:           6%

Design Presentation:     5%

Design Performance:      4%

Homework:               10%

Daily Quizzes:           3%

Bi-Weekly Quizzes:       5%

Lower Exam Score:       15%

Higer Exam Score:       25%

Final Exam Score:       25%


Course letter grades are assigned on a 10 point scale: 100-90 = "A", 89-80 = "B" . . .

Homework Format: To the left is the required homework format for this course. You are highly encouraged to maintain an organized, and complete notebook containing the solutions to your homework problems. Homework will be primarily handled trough WebWork, but I will expect to see your attempted solutions when you come to my office for assistance with the course content.  

Calculator Policy: During the three course exams, there is a strict calculator policy. You may only use one of the calculators approved by NCEES. These are the calculators that are allowed on the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. An engineering student normally takes the FE in their final year of their undergraduate degree. Passing the FE is one of the first steps in becoming a licensed Professional Engineer (PE). We have modeled the tests in ENGR220 after the types of problems you can expect to encounter on the FE exam.  

Software: You will be asked to use SolidWorks, and MathCAD when completing some of your assignments in this course. You should have both of these pieces of software from your freshman year courses. You do not need to update SolidWorks to the most current version in order to complete the class assignments, but you remember that you can update for free as long as you are a Louisiana Tech student. If you do not have SolidWorks, and/or MathCAD installed on your computer, there is a computer lab on the 3rd floor of Bogard with computers that have both installed. 

Exams: There will be three exams in ENGR 220. These exams will all follow the same general outline having 10 short-answer questions followed by 16 multiple choice questions. The short answer questions will be worth 1 point each, and the multiple choice question will be worth 6 points each. There are usually greater than 100 points to be earned on each exam; however, the tests are graded on a 100-point scale - you can make over a 100% on the exams. You will have two hours to complete the exams, be sure to check the class schedule, as some exams are given at night.  

YouTube: The lectures from Summer of 2019 are stored on YouTube for anyone to access. You can find all of these lectures in a playlist at: ENGR220 Playlist

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