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Project Description

You are tasked with designing, building, and implementing a measurement system using the Arduino to sense the world around you. The measurement system must collect data for three consecutive days using an appropriate sampling frequency. Project teams will consist of three or four members. All members must design, build, and implement the same measurement system (i.e., there should be an Arduino measurement system for each group member). Any sensor discussed in class is approved for implementation. Sensors not addressed in class must be given prior approval by the instructor. However, it is encouraged to use a sensor that has not been discussed in class to further your instrumentation knowledge. 

The project will have four main deliverables. The first deliverable is a preliminary memorandum detailing the design of your measurement system. The memo should include the expected measurand values, necessary sensor(s) to measure those values (model/part numbers), the calculated quantity of interest, and an estimate of the uncertainty expected of the quantity of interest. At the time of writing the memorandum, no data should have been collected. The goal of the memo is to design the measurement system before any parts are purchased or assembled. The memo phase is meant to be the planning stage of the project.

The second deliverable is a technical report that details the measurement system implemented. The measurement system must measure a continuous random variable. The report should have a project overview, details of the measurement system implemented, the details of an analysis of the collected data, including an uncertainty analysis, and any relevant information about the project. The data collected by the measurement system should be utilized to calculate some relevant quantity that provides insight into the world around you. In other words, merely collecting data to collect data will not suffice. You must use the data in some manner to calculate another quantity. Relevant information that is to be included in the report may be but is not necessarily limited to any circuit diagrams, construction details, component specifications, plots of data, final results reached, programming code written for data collection or data analysis, references to technical datasheets, etc. The technical report should be Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font and double spaced with 1-inch margins. It should not exceed ten pages. It does not need to be ten pages. It only must not exceed ten pages.

The third deliverable is a data packet containing the raw, unedited data collected from your measurement system used in your data and uncertainty analysis. The fourth deliverable is a ten-minute oral presentation detailing the specifics of your project. The oral presentation must be presented in front of the class.

Various deadlines for the project are shown below.

  • 10.19 - Project team members due, sensor(s) to implement due

  • 10.19 - Preliminary memos due (by the end of the day)

  • 10.26 - Data collection may begin

  • 11.9 - Last day that data collection may begin (by the start of the day)

  • 11.12 - Last day for data collection (by the end of the day)

  • 11.14 - Oral presentations

  • 11.14 - Technical report and data packet due (even if you end up presenting on the next class)

The deliverables are for each team, not each member. Email the instructor to indicate your group's desired sensor. Your email should also include your group members. Only one email per team is necessary.

Project Highlights

  • Design, build, and implement a measurement system using Arduino

  • Teams consist of 3 or 4 members

  • Must collect data for three consecutive days

  • Must use sensor discussed in class or sensor approved by the instructor

  • All team members must implement the same sensor

  • Oral presentation detailing project (approx. 10 minutes long) due 11.14 (depending on schedule may present on either 11.14 or 11.16)

  • Technical report detailing project (≤ 10 pages long) due 11.14

  • Data packet due 11.14

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